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  "I promise you this - annual vaccination is coming to an end.

We will look back in horror at what we used to do."   
Catherine O'Driscoll
 Udated July 27/2015
Cogies Sungolds Hot n Spicy Kyann Pepper had 4 pups
July 13/2015
Cogies Delightful Deloris had 2 pups June 15/2015
I am now accepting applications for the waiting list for this litter .
please contact for more info 




        Welcome to  Samson Chihuahuas

          I am a small  breeder of amazing chihuahuas. I live in the elk valley 

  My goal is to breed for quality, temperament and health, and to find all of my pups a loving forever home. I strongly believe, and do my best to follow as closely as possible, with the CKC and  Chihuahua standards. I am also a very strong believer of raising my pets naturally. So when my pups are ready to eat on their own I start them right from the beginning on an all natural, complete, raw diet to start them on their healthy path. I strongly believe in N.R. (Naturally Raised or Reared) breeding and from personal experience and my own extensive research I strongly BELIEVE that being raised completely natural is the best way to go. A natural raw diet is nutritionally balanced, and also helps with developing an optimal immune system as they grow.  

  Thank you for your interest in these great dogs! The chihuahua is the smallest and longest lived dog in the world! They are bursting with personality and are fearless companions. If you are looking for a small, loving and loyal companion, you have come to the right place!

 Any of the pups born under my care are considered family for life, if for any reason any of the homes can no longer keep one of my past pups I will take them in and either keep them or find them a new loving forever home. I vow that I will try my best to make sure that none of my pups will ever end up abandoned or in a shelter.

 I breed smooth and  long coat chi's that vary in size from 3lbs-7lbs. My goal is not to breed tiny, so called "tea cup" chihuahuas which are more likely to have life long health problems, (don't get me wrong there are some very tiny chi's that are completely healthy) but i breed for the 4-5 lbs range which are much stronger and healthier but still small. I care about my babies and want what is best for all of them. I will ask a lot of questions and Honesty goes a LONG way! I screen new families to ensure a forever home for them. I work hard to get to know each family before making a decision to place a puppy in their home. It is not first-come-first-serve for me. I will strive to match the right puppy with the right family. All families will be asked to fill out an application form.

         Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a "tea cup" or "toy" chihuahua. It is a term mostly used to sell the very small runt or sick chihuahua for more money or claim that they will be much smaller. There is no way in guaranteeing the final weight of a pup and those who do are not being truthful. There is a chihuahua growth chart but that is to be used only as a guide. There is only one breed of chihuahua but can come in 2 types, smooth coat or long coat and can vary in size. I am also very against puppy mills and breeding for money. All my pups are home raised, not in a kennel and given the best care possible. They are closely watched by me and my vet. Raising healthy chihuahuas is a passion for me. Chihuahuas are high risk to breed and problems can arise very quick and can be very expensive. Average litters are between 1-4 pups.

       If you are interested in one of my pups Please fill out an application, send it to me, then I will contact you and have you over to our home.





I also organize and run the Calgary Chihuahua Play Group. It's a great place to socialize your pup and meet other chihuahua owners. its also a very good place to learn more about the group and share stories. please check it out.



















































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